SQL Statements

SQL Cheat sheet

SQL Cheat sheet: After following this SQL Cheat sheet we will be in a position to understand quickly and use SQL statement as per requirements.  Below are the SQL commands Cheat sheet mentioned which perform different kinds of operations. Various SQL types: DRL, DDL, DML, TCL, DCL  DESCRIPTION select syntax: DRL: DATA RETRIEVAL LANGUAGE COMMANDS …

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Oracle nvl2 function

Description: The Oracle NVL2 function extends the functionality of NVL function.  NVL2 function lets you substitutes values for both null and non-null values encountered. Syntax: NVL2( arg1, value_when_not_NULL, value_when_NULL ) arg1:   The string to test for a null value.value_when_not_NULL:   The value returned if string1 is not null.value_when_NULL:   The value returned if string1 …

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SELECT Statement Basics

Basic SELECT Syntax: SELECT   EmpNo, EName    => select_list   /    which columns. FROM       scott.emp;              => data_source /  which table / view / other datasource.  SELECT Query:      It is an operation that retrives data from one or more data sources like: TABLE  / VIEW / MATERIALIZED VIEW. Prerequisites:      The user must have the SELECT priviledges …

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