Database Utilities

How to use TK-Proof in Oracle

This article explains how to use the Tk-prof utility in Oracle.  TK-Proof in Oracle TK-Prof is a utility by Oracle database to trace the performance of query within PL/SQL block. Steps to use TK-Prof: alter session set tracefile_identifier =’cur_for_loop’; alter session set timed_statistics=true; EXECUTE DBMS_SESSION.SESSION_TRACE_ENABLE(WAITS=>TRUE, BINDS=>TRUE); set serveroutput on; — —————————————————————————— — Populating the data …

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How to use Data Pump in Oracle:

This article explains how to use Data Pump in Oracle to export/import data to/from the Oracle cluster. Data pump is a Utility provided by Oracle to Export(EXPDP)/Import(IMPDP) the data to/from the new/old Oracle cluster started from Oracle 10g(10.1), which are performance-wise better as compared to the original Export(EXP) and Import(IMP) utilities. It supports different modes …

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SQL*Loader: SQL Loader is an Oracle database utility, used for data loading from flat-files into the database table. Files used in SQL* Loder are Data_file, Control file, Bad_file, Doscard_file, Log_file.    Data Source: It can be a flat file(data_file) / stdin(standard input) -> file redirect in command prompt while executing sqlldr.    Control file: It gives …

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