Introduction to Database

  • Data
  • Information
  • Metadata
  • Database
  • Problem with respect to Database
  • DBMS
  • Features of DBMS
  • Various DBMS Model

Data:  Data / Raw data is a FACT which can be recorded in a file system.    Text, Number, Images, Video, Speech etc. Example: Satish, 2015, Atlanta U.S., Facebook, 2, dog.
Information:  It is the collection of related data in a processed form, to increase the knowledge of user regarding the data. Example:  Satish is staying in Atlanta U.S. since 2015. He is having a pet dog, named as Facebook, Facebook is 2years old.   

Metadata:  It is the data which describe the properties or characteristics of user data  and the context of data.
Metadata includes the information such as
  • Data Name
  • Definition
  • Length or size of data
  • Value allowed
  • Source of data
  • Ownership

Metadata enables the database designer and programmers to understand exactly in which form the data should exist in the system.

What is Database ?
Database is the collection of related DATA in one or more number of files.
Database is the collection of logical and physical structures which are eintegrated and configured for the integrity of the system.
Traditional DB: Text, number
Multimedia DB: Text, Speech, Video
Giographic Information System(GIS): Images captured by satellite and Space Centres,

What is a problem with respect to DB ?
Size :  What happen when a file with 100 nos of lines increase to 100 million lines of data ?
Ease of access/Updating the data: What happen when multiple users need to access and update the same file and same data in it(whether just update/overwrite) ?
Accuracy: While inserting/updating data into file, whether we gave the correct type of data or not ? whether it prevents me to do some wrong operations or not ?
Security:  We shouldn’t share the complete view of file with all, it may contains sensitive data (payroll, healthcare info etc), so who should be allow to see the complete file or part of the file. so whether the file able to show which user have update/access the file and whether it is maintaining a proper log or not ?
Redundancy: Making multiple copy of file may be purpose of backup, but later on there might be chances of accessing multiple file with same record with different data so there might be conflict like which data is correct. whether we are maintaining the proper data in multiple files ?
Importance:  Data is most important and if due to any kind of problem if you loss data for few hours/days/weeks.. Is yr system efficient enough to retrieve those important data..??  

What is DBMS ?:
DBMS is the collection of related data and set of programs/Software to STORE, RETRIEVE and MANIPULATE the data in a easy and efficient manner.
It is the set of Programs to”DEFINE” the type of facts/Data, “CONSTRUCT” The Data(i.e. How you are going to keep the data into storage device/system), and “MANIPULATE” to use the data in applications(i.e. how to calculate, in which format you want the data or output etc.)

Features of DBMS
Enable the enduser and application programmer to store the data.
Enable stored data among multiple application.
Should provide facilities for ACID Properties of DB:
  • Atomicity
  • Consistency
  • Integrity
  • Durability

Different Database Model
  • Flatfile DBMS
  • Hierarchical DBMS
  • Network DBMS
  • Relational DBMS
  • Object-oriented DBMS
  • Object-Relational DBMS
  • Data Warehousing

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